Real Time Tracking

Real time vehicle tracking is critical to any business monitoring their fleet. Being able to see exactly

where your vehicles are at all times allows you to be more efficient, directing the closest driver to a

delivery, as well as providing instant accountability because you know exactly where your driver is.

Being able to see a vehicle as it moves on a street map also lets you know exactly when a driver has

deviated from their route or is lost. You can call them immediately to correct any unusual behavior


Online Mapping

The Right Track Africa online mapping interface has an easy to use navigation panel which shows

you each vehicle's trips and parks chronologically. Each trip and park listed has some

basic statistics such as the trip time, distance and average speed. Use this list to navigate your way  around the map and to clearly highlight individual trips.

Detailed Reports

Right Track Africa provides a wide variety of reports that can be generated on the fly. These include

printable reports as well as visually interactive maps. These reports can be used as tools to identify

irregular movements, harsh driving, over-speeding and driving distances.You can see exactly how many times one or more vehicles have stopped at certain locations, and find out the average and total time spent parked at your customers. By defining your own locations, which are then used to identify park positions in reports, you can make the reports friendly and easy to read so you don't have to work through GPS coordinates.

Geo Fencing Alert

One major benefit of our fleet tracking technology is the ability to maintain vehicle location in any area.With Geo-Fencing you can create Geo Bound areas and assign vehicles to a specified Geo Area. Using automated driver alerts or our GPS reporting dashboard , you know precisely when your

vehicles enter and exit the Geo Area. GPS satellite mapping allows you to easily pinpoint locations to monitor specific sites. Highlight polylines over roads and highways to ensure fleet movement through optimized routes. Create Geo Areas around entire regions for personalized asset monitoring.

GPS Technology

With the use of GPS real-time Fleet and Fuel GPS tracking systems, Security and Efficiency, are Armed with accurate and reliable information which can be easily retrieved via the Internet.

The GPS systems can be deployed and operate in a standalone environment or as part of an integrated mobile resource management solution. Our hardware is installed into your vehicle and communicates with our fully redundant and scalable servers.

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